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Off-Season Truck Maintenance

The off-season for truck drivers is a wonderful time to go through some maintenance inspections. This blog post will discuss the best ways to maintain your truck throughout the off-season months so that you are ready for spring.

The truck inspection checklist

Make sure you run through this truck inspection checklist before the truck season starts to get your truck in top-notch shape.

Maintenance checks are just as important during the off-season because you want to be confident that your truck is ready when the time comes. You should be confident that all of your truck components are in good working order before the track season starts.

Consistently change your truck oil

Make sure to check all of your truck fluids and replace them, as necessary. If you consistently change your truck oils during the off-season, then you will not have to worry about doing it when truck traffic is highest. This will save you a lot of time and money.

Spring trucking will be here before you know it, so make sure your truck is ready for it with this truck inspection checklist. Contact the repair professionals at our shop today if you have any questions about truck maintenance or truck inspections!

Clean the Exterior

After the track season ends, you will want to make sure your truck goes for off season truck maintenance to clean both on the inside and out. Make sure to wipe down all truck controls and switches to get rid of any dust or dirt that might have accumulated over the track season. This will help you stay safe when driving back home after trucking through muddy roads.

Check Your Other Fluid Level

Check your truck's oil, but also check the transmission fluid and engine coolant. Make sure that these truck fluids are at the recommended levels for trucking during the winter months.

If possible, try to get a truck tire rotation so you can rotate out your truck tires. This will help with better treadwear throughout 2019. You definitely do not want to have uneven or worn-down truck tires going into next year's track season. Also, make sure to inspect your spare tire as well! The spare tire should be stored in good condition for backup purposes during spring trucking activities. If you need any help inspecting truck maintenance issues this winter, contact us today!

Winterize Your Truck

Before trucking season starts again in spring, make sure you winterize your truck like the pros. Your truck should be stored in a heated truck bay or garage during the winter months so that all of the fluids will not freeze and crack in cold weather. If freezing does occur in your truck, it can cause engine problems down the road - so that is something you will want to avoid! If you need help winterizing your truck or any other truck repair services this upcoming winter, contact us today!

Check Your Tire Tread Depth

Check the truck tire tread depth in all truck tires. If you went through any deep mud or dirt roads, then the truck tire tread depth might be below. Make sure to measure each truck off so that your truck can drive at top speeds this truck season.

Make sure you run through this truck inspection checklist before your truck season starts to get it ready for the off-season. If you have any questions about truck inspections or truck maintenance, contact the truck repair professionals.

The truck inspection checklist is a trucker's best friend for any truck owner. It will help to save you time and money if you follow the trucking winterization process before trucking season starts up again in spring. You definitely do not want to risk getting your truck stuck in the mud or causing truck mechanical problems, so make sure to run through this truck inspection checklist before you hit the road next year.