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Hennessey initiative

L.A. Fleet Care is a proud recipient of ‘The Unfinished Business”, a Hennessey initiative.

Designed to support and recognize minority owned businesses who are making an impact in their communities and industry.

L.A. Fleet Care is honored to be recognized as one of the 75 “The Unfinished Business” recipients in the U.S.A.

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Trailer Truck Repair, Diesel Mechanic for Southern California

L.A. Fleet Care, Inc. is the first choice in on-site fleet services that save you time and money in Los Angeles. We are southern California’s leading company for all fleet maintenance and repair services. We offer a diverse range of high-quality services that are affordable and reliable.

We are a critical part of our client’s business, and we help each client to maximize profitability through superior repair and maintenance services. While we specialize in heavy trucks, any business with two or more vehicles can benefit from our services. This includes an expert diesel mechanic fully qualified to provide the best trailer truck repair, semi-truck repair and fleet repair services in Southern California.

Hiring Now!!!

We are hiring 2 to 4 Diesel Technicians.

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We are proud to announce L.A. Fleet Care, Inc. as Southern California’s one-stop shop for all truck and trailer fleet maintenance needs.

10% off Labor and Parts on First Time Customers

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* Complimentary inspection with every service to make sure to address any problem before it becomes a major concern.

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Tractor-Trailer Repair Services for Companies, Owner-Operators

Our services include all of the necessary tractor trailer repair work that will keep your business rolling down the road. Our experienced diesel mechanic understands how to perform all of the semi-truck repair work that keeps your drivers compliant, safe and delivering on time. Our repair services are ideal for companies with a high volume of semi-trucks, and the services are delivered with precision and integrity. We create a comprehensive service plan to meet your unique needs, and this sets us apart from the competition. Our quotes for fleet servicing and repairs will help you to make informed decisions, which ultimately impact your bottom line.

Service Listing, Diesel Mechanic & Trailer Truck Repair Specialists

Our comprehensive service plan incorporates every possible need for your individual semi-truck or fleet. Services available include the following items, which are performed only by the most experienced and qualified professionals:

  • Diesel Repairs
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Electrical Diagnosis
  • Lift Gate Repair & Welding
  • Tractor-Trailer Repair
  • Diesel Mechanic
  • Semi-Truck Repair
  • Fleet Repairs

Emergency Repair

Call us in case of emergency, and we will troubleshoot the problems for you. We partner with towing companies for your emergency towing needs.

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Mission and Goal for Fleet Repair Services

Every trailer truck repair service is critical to the business operations and profitability margin. Keeping your fleet operating at optimal precision and fuel efficiency is the mission of our dedicated diesel mechanic. Our semi-truck repair shop offers reliable and rapid maintenance and repair work for your company. High-volume clients will experience a substantial revenue boost by simply having these fleet repair services performed on schedule by our qualified professionals.


Our trailer truck repair service team is dedicated to offering the best on-site amenities while you wait for your truck or fleet repairs to be completed on time. Our diagnostic equipment is high-end and industry standard. Our diesel mechanic has the experience and skills necessary to rapidly detect and repair any problems. Our computerized systems are available to the semi-truck repair specialist in order to maximize accuracy. We offer comprehensive service plans including warranties on our truck and fleet repair work. Enjoy the best amenities that come with doing business with Southern California’s leading repair shop.

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The service area for our trailer truck repair work includes all of Southern California and the greater metropolitan Los Angeles regions. We have the most dedicated diesel mechanic who understands the needs of individual truck owners as well as companies responsible for maintaining entire fleets. Our semi-truck repair and fleet repair service team is proud to provide the highest quality of work to anyone located within our service areas. We are compliant with all of the local, state and federal regulations. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with following our recommended maintenance plan. We go out of the way to offer comprehensive solutions to keep your business humming along in pristine condition.

Our service team is proud to offer the best quality trailer truck repair work to our customers within this service region. When you require the most experienced partner for truck servicing and fleet repair, contact our service department right away for a fast quote. Contact us today to get the best service at affordable rates with premium quality and expert care.

Contact us today to get the best service at affordable rates with premium quality and expert care.