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Unwanted Truck Repair: Reasons to Change Your Truck's Oil

Your truck relies on the engine oil to provide it with the support it needs to carry on as designed. It's easy to place your truck's oil changes and other maintenance services on the back burner, but doing so can result in serious part damage and possible vehicle breakdowns. There are several ways that the engine oil in your truck supports your truck's performance, along with the many other fluids. The engine oil supports the engine with the lubrication it needs to perform as designed, and here's a breakdown of an oil change's importance, how the engine can be negatively impacted if routine oil changes aren't conducted, and the leading benefits to fluid maintenance. 

Why is an oil change important for your truck?

Routine oil changes are important for your vehicle because they provide the necessary lubrication needed to maintain the truck's engine and parts. For any truck to perform optimally, regular oil changes, along with many other fluid maintenance services, must be in place. The engine is designed to last a long time but only with the support of the engine oil. Some of the most important reasons for oil change services include the following:

  • Better gas mileage
  • Necessary lubrication
  • Increased engine performance
  • Extended engine life

These listed benefits are some of the primary reasons as to why regular intervals of oil changes can be detrimental to your truck's engine performance and life. To avoid any unnecessary truck repairs, such as engine rebuilds, it is essential to know how a lack of oil changes can negatively affect your truck and its parts. 

How can a lack of oil changes be detrimental to your truck's health?

With the oil in a truck being the source of life for the engine, it is crucial to understand how avoiding oil changes can be life-threatening to the health of your truck, resulting in a costly truck repair or breakdown. Without routine oil changes in your truck, the engine and its parts are susceptible to damages that may be irreversible or extremely expensive. What good is your truck if it is not dependable and spends more time in a truck repair shop than on the road, providing you with reliable commutes to and from your obligations? There is no good in that. There are two most common results for a neglectful oil change and maintenance service, which include the following: 

  1. Complete engine failure
  2. Decreased fuel economy

These two results can lead to the need to purchase a new truck or invest time and money in extensive truck repairs. Regular oil changes will eliminate the need for any truck engine repair that could cost you thousands of dollars and unwanted downtime that you can't get back. Truck repair specialists highly recommend prioritizing oil change service along with other fluid maintenance services such as transmission and radiator flushes. These maintenance services will guarantee that your truck provides you with the reliability it was designed to, along with saving money down the line due to poor engine care.