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Tips for Operating Larger Vehicles

If you are an owner of a big or medium-sized truck, you know that operating larger vehicles requires more care than a regular vehicle. It is more challenging to manage and more likely to need a repair and could become a pain in the wallet if you take the proper precautions.

Below we took the time to write down some tips on avoiding trips to the truck repair shop and keeping your vehicle on the road!


1.    Be careful of how you operate your brakes on your truck. When driving a heavy truck, you should be mindful of how much sooner you will need to brake, especially if you carry a load.

2.    Mind the acceleration. Your heavy truck will not be able to accelerate as quickly as other vehicles. Be mindful of this when changing lanes and traveling on a hill.

3.    Make sure you know the size and dimensions of your truck. The bigger the truck you drive, the bigger your blind spots are. Before you even begin driving, make sure you are familiar with three things: where your mirrors are, where your blind spots are, and how high you are above the road.

4.    You should take all turns with care. Turning will be a challenge, but you got this! Just make sure you are making wider turns and when you do turn, begin your turn once a little more than 1/2 of your vehicle has passed the center point of your turn to stay off the curb. Also, make sure you are taking all the time you need for parking.

Sadly, even after taking these precautions, your truck is still at risk for internal damage from natural wear and tear. Keeping up with routine maintenance and all your fluids is a great way to limit the risk and allow your vehicle to run smoothly. However, there the hazards are still present. One of the biggest problems in the transportation industry is due to truck breakdowns. Due to the heavy weight the vehicle is constantly facing, they are always breaking down and some other repair issues. Below we listed the most common repairs that go wrong quicker for trucks.

Common Truck Repairs

Starter Failure

If your engine does not crank or hear a clicking noise in your truck, you likely have a problem with your truck’s starter. It is an easy fix if you can recognize the symptoms early, but it becomes more costly the more damage it takes.


Overheating is one of the main reasons for truck breakdowns and is usually due to not enough fuel getting to the engine. Whenever you can recognize that your truck’s engine is overheating, make sure to see a repair shop as soon as possible to avoid engine failure.

U-Joint Failure

If you notice any problem with the transmission, check your u-joints. Be wary of issues with the u-joints as they play a significant part in powering the transmission.

Brake Failure

Because of the large amount of weight that a truck will consistently face, it is subject to more frequent problems with its brakes. Ensure your brake fluid is always full and you are aware of any damage to your truck’s brakes.