Brakes, tires, lights are the most common safety inspection items that can fail an inspection. But there are also other areas of inspection that you should not lose your sight on. At L.A. Fleet Care, we are thorough in our inspections including the most common items that a lot of shops miss on.

  • Fire Extinguisher – expired tags, discharged, unsecured or even missing fire extinguisher
  • Reflective Triangles – missing or damaged
  • Annual Inspection Sticker – missing or expired
  • Frames – cracks, corrosion, rust, loose and missing bolts, bent cross member, damaged flange
  • Suspensions – air leaks
  • Lights (Electrical System) – testing 7-way cords when applicable

To keep on top of things is to follow the inspection and preventive maintenance schedule. We track everything for your company by maintaining open communication between drivers, fleet managers and L.A. Fleet Care. Call us now!